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July 10 to 16, 2023 is Non-Binary Awareness Week.

Through their very existence, non-binary people remind us of the possibilities outside the boxes of ‘man’ and ‘woman,’ and the opportunities for liberation from those constructs.

The non-binary experience can also come with it’s share of barriers. Sometimes non-binary folks may have a harder time accessing employment, housing, affirming healthcare, and more. Patriarchy and sexism are huge forces in society, much of which is eager to enforce and police binary ideas of gender, and punish those who step out of line.

This is a struggle that’s been intensified by colonialism. Non-binary people, and people who live outside of rigid gender boxes have always been here throughout history, yet very few countries recognize non-binary as a legal gender.

As allies, our immediate call to action is to show up for non-binary people, and challenge transphobia and other forms of discrimination when we witness them in our communities and workspaces. Respecting names and pronouns is the bare minimum of interpersonal politeness —we need to prioritize gender-diverse people’s safety every day.

There is no one way to be non-binary. Dismantling gender stereotypes and patriarchy makes a safer world for everyone, including men!

Celebrate the lives, achievements and contributions of non-binary people around the world. Shut down bigotry when you hear it. Support non-binary creators and business owners, and show up for your friends, siblings, coworkers, and relatives by being a visible ally every day.

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