The 519 Sasha Hashi Bursary

The 519 has set up a scholarship/bursary at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU, formerly Ryerson University) to honour the memory of our beloved staff member, community leader, sibling, and a proud…

ODE: Remembered Voices

ODE is a two-spirit LGBTQ Indigenous group for youth from 16-25 yrs old within the Greater Toronto Area.

Friendly Check-in Over the Phone For Racialized and Trans Folks of Colour

It’s lovely to have someone check in on us, right? Chat with a peer member of The 519’s Trans People of Colour Project (TPOC), and get affirming support and other information and resources.

Trans ID Clinic

November 2022 Update: the waitlist for the Trans ID Clinic is now open. For anyone interested, please check out these helpful ID Change Guides from Positive Space Network and Pro…

The Kyle Scanlon Memorial Fund

Kyle Scanlon (September 5, 1971 – July 3, 2012) was a well-loved and respected part of Toronto’s trans communities. He was an activist who sought to change the lives of...

Trans People of Colour Project (TPOC)

The Trans People of Colour Project (TPOC) is a project funded by the Toronto Urban Health Fund. The project is designed to foster affirming support, greater access to food security,...

Trans Youth Mentorship Program (TYMP)

A space for trans youth (16 to 29) to build life skills, support, and community.

Transition Support

Trans meeting group is designed to provide assistance and support for people in the process of matching their inner gender with their outer image, with the purpose of adjusting and complying…

FTM, Transmasc & Non-binary Support Group

Weekly peer-led support group, serving FTM, Transmasc and Non-Binary folx within the Toronto GTA. Welcoming of BIPOC, FTM, Transmasculine, Transmale, Non-Binary identities of all ages, including those who are questioning.

Meal Trans

An affirming drop-in program for 2 Spirit, trans women, trans men, non-binary, genderqueer, and questioning folks. We particularly welcome folks who are low-income, street-active, experiencing homelessness, and/or engaged in sex...