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Support access to justice for queer & trans refugees, and all marginalized communities. Join our advocacy campaign around issues that impact the LGBTQ2S communities across Ontario by visiting:

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I Am Enough

About the Campaign I am enough is a public awareness campaign that shares and highlights stories of strength, resilience, and love – of queer and trans Muslims in Canada. Their…

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Campaign page link: I Am Enough

Proud to Be Me

We are proud to present Proud to be Me – a new campaign by The 519. This campaign has been developed for EarlyON centres across the city, child-care environments, schools,…

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Campaign page link: Proud to Be Me

Trans Inclusion Matters

Our Trans Inclusion Matters campaign and education program is part of our efforts to challenge transphobia and to foster environments that are inclusive of gender identity and gender expression. People…

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Campaign page link: Trans Inclusion Matters

Hear It Stop It!

The Hear It! Stop It! #NoBystanders campaign and education program is part of our drive to challenge homophobic, biphobic and transphobic behaviour and to foster LGBTQ inclusive environments. All organizations and individuals…

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Campaign page link: Hear It Stop It!

Respect Your Elders

Respect Your Elders The Respect Your Elders campaign and education program is part of our drive to secure LGBTQ inclusive environments for older people. The current generation of older LGBTQ…

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Campaign page link: Respect Your Elders

No Sidelines

Trans+Sport is a documentary short that highlights many of the barriers trans and genderqueer youth face in accessing sport and physical activity. Through interviews with youth and adult leaders, viewers…

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Campaign page link: No Sidelines

We Have Your Back

The 519’s advocacy campaign against the repeal of Ontario’s updated Sex-Ed curriculum. We invite parents, organizations, activists, and anyone who wants to join us in our advocacy efforts by visiting:

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Meet Our Team

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Manager, Education and Training