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Coordinator, Communications

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Expert Commentary on 2SLGBTQ+ Issues

Since 1975, The 519 has been at the centre of the 2SLGBTQ+ communities in Toronto and across Canada. Our team has developed expertise in a wide range of 2SLGBTQ+ issues as well as broader issues impacting Toronto’s Downtown East and beyond. Staff are available for media research and commentary.

About The 519

The 519 is a City agency committed to the health, happiness and full participation of the 2SLGBTQ+ communities. Through our innovative model of Service, Space and Leadership, The 519 strives to make a real difference in people’s lives, while working to promote broader inclusion, understanding and respect.

Direct Service

We provide direct service to members of the 2SLGBTQ+ communities, from counselling services and queer parenting resources to Coming Out groups, trans programming and senior’s support.

Accessible Space

We provide free, accommodating and non-judgemental space where individuals, organizations and non-profit groups can meet, organize and work towards their goals.

Community Leadership

We advocate for progress by sharing the knowledge and insight we gather on the ground through consulting and workshop services, research and public engagement campaigns.

Media Reference Guide

This document provides a guideline for media, and outlines how to share information and stories about trans and gender-diverse people in an accurate and respectful way. It also provides examples of disrespectful and dehumanizing language that should be avoided.

Quick Facts

Church and Wellesley Village, Toronto
Over 60 programs and services ranging from support groups to daycare
City Agency with a volunteer Board of Directors
Registered Charity

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Media Assets


The 519 Community Centre

World Pride mural on the side of The 519 Community Centre

The 519 south-side corner

Programs, services and community engagement programs.

Cooking with Trans People of Colour (TPOC) program: peer leaders cooking

EarlyON Child and Family Centre, circle time

The 519 Annual Sports Day with our LGBTQ refugee program participants 2019

The 519 bOlder Together - Intergenerational skill-building workshop 2019

The 519 Coping Together program - messages for LGBTQ+ refugees illustrated by Michelle Campos Castillo

The 519 community engagement program: Healing Yoga

The 519 community engagement program: Sew What?

Education and Training

The 519 Education and Training presentation

The 519 Education and Training activity

Community events

The 519 Aids Vigil 2019 at the Aids Memorial in Barbara Hall Park

The 519 Trans Day of Remembrance 2019, vigil at Barbara Hall Park

Fundraising events

The 519 Green Space Festival with Naomi Smalls on stage, photo by Aydin Matlabi

The 519 Green Space Festival with Vanessa Vanjie Mateo on stage, photo by Aydin Matlabi

Advocacy and leadership

The 519 Army of Lovers campaign: Defend Church Street

The 519 Proud to be Me Campaign

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