Community health matters. Your health matters. The 519 is offering various vaccines in collaborating with our Toronto’s Downtown East Health Coalition partners. Currently, the following clinics are running onsite at The 519:

COVID-19 & Flu:

When: Wednesdays (open to all) Time: 3 to 6pm 

When: fourth Saturday of the month (prioritizing children, youth and families) Time: 12 to 4pm

Where: The 519 [519 Church St.]

Access your COVID-19 and Flu vaccine at our low-barrier drop-in clinic. For 2SLGBTQ+ communities and allies.

Bivalent vaccine information:

  • As of September 26, bivalent is available for anyone 18+.
  • Recommended interval to receive booster is at least six months from previous dose, regardless of how many boosters have been already received.
  • Clients can get it at a minimum of 3 months if they want with informed consent.
  • Min. 3 months post COVID-19 infection.

Influenza (Flu) Vaccine

The best way to protect yourself and your family, and prevent severe illness from the flu virus, is to get the flu vaccine this fall. It may also help you avoid unnecessary health care visits or isolating if you have symptoms.

Influenza and COVID-19 vaccines can be administered at the same time?

Everyone ages five years and older can receive a COVID-19 vaccine at the same time as, or at any time before or after any other vaccines, including the flu shot. Children between six months and under five years are recommended to wait 14 days before or after getting another vaccine.

It is recommended to consult with your health care provider before getting vaccinated to review the benefits and risks for your unique situation, if you:

  • are on medications that weaken your immune system – you may want to time your vaccination with your medications
  • had an allergic reaction within four hours after receiving your first COVID-19 vaccine dose
  • have severe allergies to any of the vaccine ingredients

Questions? Contact us at

Need more information about the vaccines? Visit City of Toronto: COVID-19 Vaccines

    At The 519 [519 Church St.]

  • Feb 08, 2023   3:00 pm  6:00 pm
  • Feb 15, 2023   3:00 pm  6:00 pm
  • Feb 22, 2023   3:00 pm  6:00 pm