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In light of the recent statement “clarifying” sexual and gender ethics in Islam — co-signed and released by over 120 influential Muslim leaders and institutions across North America — we are sending love to all queer and trans Muslim communities.

We see you and share your grief. As 2 Spirit, queer, and trans people, only we collectively understand the strength it takes to hold on to our faith while being our authentic selves in a world that questions our existence every day. It is through our faith, love, and queerness that we find the courage and joy to lean on and uplift each other.

To all queer and trans Muslim folks, no one can define you, your queerness, or your relationship with your faith. We hold you in love, today and always.

We honour the work of community organizations including @queermuslimnetwork, @muslimprideto, and Unity Mosque. We are incredibly grateful to our own Muslim staff for continuing to create and hold space for 2SLGBTQ+ Muslims at The 519.

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