TO The Good Swap – Clothing swap
Saturday, May 25 from 1:30 to 3:30 pm at The 519. Registration Required

Pride Month is around the corner, so stop by The 519 and find your sustainable pride ‘fit! Or just swap for some new-to-you clothes for your closet.

Note: this is a swap, not a clothing drive. 

About this event
T.O. the Good Swap is a monthly clothing exchange for all genders, all bodies, and all ages. Love clothes and the planet? Then you’ll love this event.

T.O. the Good Swap is partnering with The 519 to throw a special 2SLGBTQ+ swap.

1. Drop

Stop at the welcome area with up to 10 items of preloved clothing, footwear, jewelry, and accessories in good condition (laundered and folded, no rips, stains, used undies or socks).

2. Swap

Find some thing(s) you love and try it/them on.

3. Keep

Take what you want home with you. We ask that you to limit the amount you take home to a similar amount to what you brought. Remember: it’s not about how much you get, it’s about how much you’ll wear it!

4. Share

Tag @t.o.thegoodswap and @the519 to share your finds with the world.

By swapping instead of shopping (or dumping your clothes at a thrift store), you’re participating in the circular economy, keeping clothing out of landfills, saving money, updating your wardrobe, avoiding unethical fast fashion and resource depletion, and sharing with a community of likeminded people… and sharing feels good.

All the sweet haul dopamine, none of the ethical dilemma!

Learn more about the fashion industry and how to care for clothing you truly no longer need on our Resources page.


  • Be nice to each other. Respect physical boundaries.
  • Remember it’s just clothes.
  • Ten items or less. Please be respectful of our ten item limit!
  • Check your items: no holes, no stains, missing parts, clean, and ready to be loved by someone new.
  • Wash your items in scent-free soap and fold them before attending.
  • Respect physical boundaries.
  • Don’t hoard. Try things on as you go so others can check them out if you decide not to keep them.
  • Don’t hover. Please keep the drop-off table clear and let volunteers place the items before looking through them.
  • Don’t use the swap as a dumping ground. The end-of-life care of your textiles is your responsibility. You bought it, you bury it.*
  • Don’t take to sell. Please take items that you or someone you personally know will wear.
  • Don’t do stuff that makes us have to write any more community guidelines.

*Don’t actually bury it. 85% of textile waste ends up in landfills each year.