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The Rainbow Glee’ques Coalition (RGC) is a performing arts group of amateur and aspiring performers in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-sexual, transgender, 2-spirited, queer, intersex and allies (LGBTTSQIA) communities with a passion for the performing arts.

We seek to engage persons who desire to find an outlet to explore and develop their talents in the performing arts in a recreational and non-judgmental setting. RGC facilitates this exploration through consistent programs in singing, dancing and dramatic presentations.

What we fondly call ‘Gleequing’ is done primarily through vocalizing, however, we also create repertoire together for specific assignments/productions. Occasionally, there are workshops on various aspects of the performing arts and personal development to include areas such as fashion, make-up art, set-design among areas related to musical theatre.

We also seek to collaborate with the agencies and their affiliates which cater to our communities as primary supporters, resource/media and audience. RGC can work with agencies to develop content driven performances for their use as educational/ informational/ entertainment pieces. To borrow a phrase, this is what we call ‘edutainment’.

RGC’s Motto: ‘Born to Amuse, to Inspire, to Delight’

Vision Statement: Dare to dream that LGBTTSQIA performing arts expression is equally important, relevant and lucrative as mainstream entertainment. RGC positions itself to be the medium to foster this dream by providing the platform for the group’s development and seeking out opportunities for presenting its repertoire. We seek to promote open and honest discussion of issues related to our communities through performing arts presentations.