Program Types: Community-Led,

We are a Community group exploring non-oppressive relating, including:

  • exploring personal autonomy and self-determination,
  • addressing social and relationship hierarchies/norms/expectations,
  • exploring egalitarian/empowered relationship practices,
  • addressing power/privilege/oppression in interpersonal relationships and community,
  • addressing the ethics/philosophies/politics of relationships,
  • supporting accountability.

We are a non-profit, community-run, community-led group with the goal to be a social and educational source on the topics of polyamory and open relationships. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds and communities, and hold in common the belief that love and intimacy are great gifts that deserve to be shared beyond the monogamy model that seems to be the status quo in society.

We endeavour to make this purpose a reality by being a supportive and vibrant community of like-minded individuals, while also acting as a resource and source of information for members of the media, academia and the public at large.

For further background information, please take the time to review our Website (, our Facebook ( Page and our Twitter ( feed.

What is polyamory, open relationships or ethical non-monogamy?

Ethical Non-Monogamy is the practice of having multiple partners (be they emotional and/or sexual) with the knowledge and acceptance of all involved. The Ethical Non-Monogamy umbrella as described in these articles  ( ( encapsulates both Open Relationships (typically any relationship that is not sexually monogamous; a relationship that permits “outside” sexual entanglements, but not necessarily emotional relationships) and Polyamory (the practice of maintaining multiple sexual and/or romantic relationships simultaneously, with the full knowledge and consent of all involved).