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Join Cal Badger — Iyiniwok First Nation illustrator and comic book artist — for stories and drawing together. All are welcome.

Backside to the Drawing Board is a free, public, learn-to-draw workshop for all ages, identities, and skill levels. It incorporates elements of Indigenous storytelling with instruction on sequential art techniques.

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2021 Mini-Series: 

Backside to the Drawing Board Episode 1: Sasquatch

Bigfoot. Yeti. Yeren. Yowie. Sasquatch. they are called by many names. In today’s episode, we will learn about the significance of this creature through an Indigenous lens.

Backside to the Drawing Board Episode 2: Giving your Characters that Extra Dimension

What skills does it take to be a comic book artist? Let Cal share more through his artistic insights. We will look at concepts such as continuity, lighting and shadows, and angles while telling a story through comics.

Backside to the Drawing Board Episode 3: Hair, Fabric, and Emotions

Did you know, you can add emotion through character movement?

Backside to the Drawing Board Episode 4: Rendering Animals

Can you use animals to enhance your story? Let Cal share more through his artistic insights.

Special: Breaking the 4th Wall

Music by:

The Circle of Cedar Singers is a group of 2 Spirit singers who have recently formed and begun singing together, although they have each sung within the Indigenous community over the years. They perform weekly at The 519, bringing healing to the community through the sharing of songs and music.


Danny Beaton is an elder of the Mohawk nation in Canada. He is an environmentalist, who has worked for over 30 years protecting indigenous land and advocating the preservation of clean water.

He is both a traditional flute player and self-taught writer. His writing is featured in two media outlets, which include: First Nations Drum and News from Indian Country.

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