About the Campaign

I am enough is a public awareness campaign that shares and highlights stories of strength, resilience, and love – of queer and trans Muslims in Canada.

Their intersecting identities, experiences of Islamophobia, racism, homophobia and transphobia, the risks of visibility and the tragedy of invisibility – these are some of the subjects we are exploring through this ongoing series of posters and stories.


We asked Muslims who identify as queer/trans/nonbinary to participate in the campaign and bring two items of choice that represented their queer/trans/nonbinary and Muslim identity respectively. Through those items, we depict their stories, visually and in words.


We thank all the participants who chose to be visible and shared their inspiring albeit painful journey with us.

Campaign Partners

  • The 519
  • Unity Mosque
  • Salaam

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Storytelling, design, and photography by Soofia Mahmood, The 519

Read our stories

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Download campaign poster


Questions? contact us at Communications@The519.org