The 519’s Trans Youth Mentorship Program (TYMP) is a space for trans, non-binary and two-spirit youth (16 to 29) to build and improve their employment skills, access networks of support and be referred to community resources.

TYMP brings a holistic view of employment support, incorporating community care, wellbeing and anti-oppression practice. Along with modules focused on capacity building, TYMP offers referrals to employment opportunities, social connections, community mental health supports, and gender-affirming care.

Each cohort of the program runs for four months during which youth participate in modules covering education, training, and skills-building opportunities, while on the way to discovering their employment paths.

  • TYMP is a self-directed peer group for 2 Spirit, trans, and non-binary youth. The program is informed by values of anti-oppression, intersectional allyship, trauma-informed care, collective liberation and harm reduction.
  • Participants will acquire training through guest speakers, facilitated workshops, experiential learning and opportunities for community involvement.
  • The curriculum will feature resume and cover letter workshops, practical training opportunities, soft skills development and networking with other trans professionals and peers.

The second Friday of each month, we host the TYMP Social, an opportunity for past and present TYMP participants to come together and connect over different fun activities and programming.

Participants in the full training series will receive a certificate of completion.

Each session starts with an hour of social time over a meal. Participants receive transportation assistance and honouraria.

Registration closes on February 9, and the 2024 winter/spring cohort starts on February 14.


Is TYMP a drop-in?

No, TYMP is not a drop-in. Participants need to apply to be in a cohort and the program features a mix of social connection and a structured curriculum.

I already have a job. Can I still apply for TYMP?

Yes! TYMP is focused on professional, personal and educational development. Our modules can help you navigate work as a 2 Spirit, trans, or non-binary person, and equip you in developing tools to achieve your professional goals regardless of your current employment situation.

I am in school. Can I still apply for TYMP?

Yes! The program is created to further prepare you to achieve your goals.

Does TYMP have an online/hybrid option?

Not at the moment. Currently, TYMP is 100% in-person at The 519 on Wednesdays at 5 pm to 8 pm.

Is TYMP a support group?

No. Although we offer social connection and community referrals, TYMP is an employment-based program.

Due to the nature of the program, availability is limited. Please register to attend. Email Bernardo at