Arts and Culture

Actors Jam

Actors' Jam is an acting and learning experience for anyone age 18 or over. Explore monologues, scenes, improvs, rants, audition pieces, poems, and stories for two hours each week.

Collecting Personal Archives

A space for Muslim women aged 16-29 to create new works of art that narrate stories and provide alternatives to preconceived notions about identity, self and community.

Counterpoint Community Orchestra

Formed in 1984, it was the first lesbian/gay/gay positive orchestra in Canada and in the world. Counterpoint is a full symphony orchestra, and the programming is drawn from Baroque through contemporary orchestral repertoire.

Find Ur Sexy! Heels, Health & Individuality

Find Ur Sexy! Is a series of heels classes that focus on fun, health and well-being. Classes explore sexy dance moves in an affirming environment for LGBTTIQQ2S folks, people of diverse body types and abilities, people of colour, Black community members, and Indigenous people. Sexiness is not a one size fits all. This series of classes aims to share some sexy moves and knowledge while creating space for participants to discover what feels good to them on their journey to their own empowered and confident sexy!

Human Rights Panels

Presented by Pride Toronto in partnership with the University of Toronto’s Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity and The 519, a range of rights issues will be examined and illuminated through moderated panel discussions and a lecture.

Life - Loss - Light | We Create for Orlando

Come together to participate in collective healing through art as we remember, grieve, celebrate and memorialize our latinx LGBTQ2S community members who lost their lives on June.12, 2016.

Life Drawing

Artists of any skill level are welcome, and you can drop in as frequently or infrequently as you like. There are no teachers or lessons. You bring your own materials and we provide a model for two hours, in a quiet location. We generally start with short warm-up poses, then move to 15, 20, or 30 minute poses.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation is an open community of meditation practitioners and a welcoming space for all individuals who are interested in the practice of meditation.

Out & Out New Members Night

Looking for a fun and welcoming lesbian or gay social club in Toronto? Welcome to Out & Out – North America’s largest LGBT activities club! If you’re interested in learning more about our club before joining, or want to see what your new membership has to offer, come join us for a Club Info Night.


OutWRITES! Writing Collective meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month from 8pm - 10pm at The 519. They welcome all levels and facilitate writing exercises and critique of members' literary work.

Rainbow Glee'ques Coalition

The Rainbow Gleeques Coalition (RGC) strives to broaden the scope of opportunities for live entertainment within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans-sexual, Trans-gender, 2-Spirited, Queer, Inter-sex and Allies (LGBTTSQIA) Communities by encouraging, developing and presenting elements of our varied artistic talents in the performing arts, exploring various expression of each discipline.

Singing Out

Singing Out is Toronto’s LGBTQ Community Chorus. The choir promotes pride in musical excellence, and fosters a positive image of common goals of belonging, unity, and empowerment.

Swingin' Out

Swingin’OUT is Canada's first LGBTQ swing dance club, founded in July 2000. We are a non-profit, volunteer-run group.

The Youth/Elders Project

In an exciting new partnership between Buddies, The 519, and the Senior Pride Network, The Youth / Elders Project brings together young and old to create a living document of our personal queer histories.

Toronto Go Club

The game of Go was created around 2000 B.C. in China. It is played with black and white "stones" on a 19x19 grid board. Go is the national game of Japan and is widely popular in both China and Korea.

Triangle Squares

Triangle Squares does modern square dancing with an upbeat style, a wide range of music, and a dash of flamboyance.

Youth Engagement Program

Youth Engagement is a weekly program for newcomer youth aged 14-19 who are Permanent Residents or Convention Refugees, residing in Canada for less than five years.