Day:   Fridays

Time: 5:30pm-7pm

Location: The 519 - room 301

Dates: February.17 - April.28, 2017  

* Each session starts with getting into our bodies: warm up, stretch, strength and conditioning and dance exercises that prepare folks for dancing in heels 

* We then move into learning dance moves, exploring runway, and character development in heels

*Class concludes with a short choreography that participants will learn and then be encouraged to explore, change and make their own!

*Each week will explore different vibes, flavours and expressions of sexiness like: tomboy sexy, exroverted diva sexy, super chill sexy, I am dancing just for me sexy, chair dance sexy, slinky sexy, etc.

*Throughout the series participants are encouraged to explore different movements and energies to make each movement and the choreography their own!

* Heels are encouraged but are not mandatory to attend, wedges, sneakers, socks and barefoot are also possibilities.  you can dance like you are in heels without wearing heels!  

To register - email Jaymie at 

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