Public Statement - Response to McArthur's Guilty Plea

January 29, 2019

The lives of eight people were lost under the most unspeakable and tragic circumstances. These losses have forever changed the lives of families, friends, loved ones and have left our communities shaken and aggrieved. The fact that it remained unknown and unseen for so many years is its own inconceivable tragedy.

As Bruce McArthur pleaded guilty on eight counts of first degree murder today, we feel some relief that those most impacted by his actions will be spared the grief of a lengthy trial.     

While there is no solace, no redemption, we believe that there can be change. The 519 stands with our communities and will continue to advocate and fight for eradicating violence in all of its forms. 

We remember Kirushna Kumar Kanagaratnam, Majeed Kayhan, Skandaraj (Skanda) Navaratnam, Abdulbasir Faizi, Selim Esen, Soroush Mahmudi, Dean Lisowick and Andrew Kinsman. We grieve for them and stand with their families and loved ones today and every day. 

Grieve. Heal. Rise. Resist. Love. 


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January 29th 2019
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