My Vote, My Rights

Voting shouldn’t be difficult. But for some queer, trans, and two-spirit folks, it often is. We’ve put together this infographic to help you navigate the voting process.

Download Accessible PDF of the 'My Vote, My Rights' Infographic

For more information about voting, including what electoral district (also known as riding) you live in, what IDs you can use to vote, and different ways to vote, see Elections Canada’s website.

The 519 is a non-partisan organization and is not affiliated with any political party or candidate. The issues we are raising are of concern to LGBTQ2S community members and their allies. We believe that parties and candidates should take positions on these issues through their platforms, statements, and actions. We are advocating for all parties to take bold action around the issues that affect LGBTQ2S people.

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October 7th 2019
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