519 Limited Edition Valentine Cards

To Celebrate Your Loves


This Valentine’s Day The 519 is thinking about love. We are thinking about a world where we can love who we love and be who we are shamelessly and 
unapologetically. We are thinking about what it means to live and love freely, recognizing that so many of us still have to fight hard to love and be loved.

On a day devoted to celebrating the narrowest definition of romantic love, we want you to helps us envision different kinds of love. To that end, The 519 has partnered with five amazing Toronto artists including Paul Dotey, Rob Wilson, Max Coutard, Fiona Smyth, Mary Tremonte, to offer you this selection of limited edition cards that you can use to express your love to all of your loves!

Card packages including 6 of the limited edition cars, are now available at The 519 Front Desk and online.

All of the proceeds from the sale of these cards will go towards supporting The 519's programs and services.


Max Coutard 
Max Coutard  


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January 26th 2016