Since its inception in 2008, The 519’s Green Space Festival has become a thriving, internationally recognized cultural festival in Toronto.

The 519 has been able to directly invest over $2.1 million into programs and services for our LGBTQ2S communities as a direct result of Green Space Festival’s fundraising efforts.

With over 200,000 visitors, 3,500 volunteers, 700 performers and over 325 hours of high quality entertainment produced, this annual event has not only significantly contributed to Toronto Pride's world class reputation, but has also transformed The 519

We are proud to be the place where community members and allies come together to "party for a cause". We are also proud that our communities know that their support during Green Space Festival goes to help our year-round programs and services for our LGBTQ2S communities.

The Chair of the 2018 Green Space Festival is Board Member Justin Khan.