The 519’s Youth Action and Arts Space (YAAS) is a free, drop-in program that offers youth who are 10 to 15 years-old a fun place to connect, meet friends and new peers and explore cool opportunities, starting January 20th until December 15th of 2018.

KAAS for 6 - 9 years olds meets the first and third Saturday of each month, from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. 

YAAS for 10 - 15 years olds meets the first and third Saturday of each month, from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm.

In 2018, The 519 is collaborating with CANVAS Arts Action Programs to facilitate arts-based activities with queer, trans, and gender nonbinary youth and the youth of queer and trans families. CANVAS is a non-profit organization that uses interactive arts education to promote LGBTQ2S+ inclusion.

The folx at CANVAS, along with guest facilitators, will use various arts activities such as photography, creative writing, visual art, design, spoken word and drama to guide participants in creatively exploring gender identity, sexual orientation, body image, social justice, and various social pressures related to sexuality and gender diversity in ourselves and our families. 

Collectively, we strive to create a safer, supportive and inspiring space where everyone – from facilitators to participants – can bring their full selves into the space, feel celebrated and continue to develop and strengthen their skills in self-expression.

YAAS (10-15 year olds) 2018 Schedule

YAAS: TBD: 20 January 2018

YAAS: TBD: 3 February 2018

YAAS: TBD: 17 February 2018

YAAS: TBD: 3 March 2018

YAAS: TBD: 17 March 2018

YAAS: TBD: 7 April 2018

YAAS: TBD: 21 April 2018

YAAS: TBD: 5 May 2018

YAAS: TBD 19 MAY 2018

YAAS: TBD: 2 June 2018

YAAS: TBD: 16 June 2018

YAAS: TBD: 12 September 2018

YAAS: TBD: 6 October 2018

YAAS: TBD: 20 October 2018

YAAS: TBD: 3 November 2018

YAAS: TBD: 17 November 2018

YAAS: TBD: 1 December 2018

YAAS: TBD: 15 December 2018

For more details or questions about this program please get in touch with Ashley.

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