Toronto Shyness and Social Anxiety Support Group have met every weekend since 2002. Here you meet with other people who suffer from shyness or social anxiety/phobia. Offer support and understanding and share your story with others.

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The first part of the meeting is at The 519 (Church Street just north of Wellesley; nearest subway station is Wellesley), at Room 301.

After arriving at 519, ask the information desk about the location of the room because on rare occasions based on the center's programs the room might change. If it is not at 301 it is usually at 201.

Our meetings are free and open to the public. If you can afford it, make a small donation to the group at the end of the meeting by putting it in the donation box on the table. Also, if you can, bring a snack to share with other members.

Once every three Sundays, the second part of the meeting, after 4 pm, will be at Tim Horton's coffee shop located at 56 Wellesley St W Unit 104. You are welcome to join us there even if you can't attend the main meeting at The 519. This provides an informal environment for members to know each other better and forge friendships and also is good exposure for people who have anxiety in public places. You are not obliged to come to this part of the meeting, but please do try to come and enjoy the informal friendly environment.

Hope to see you all after the meeting at the social event. You can stay as long as you want, there is no pressure to stay for a certain time, you can be with us from 10 minutes to hours.

See you,

Founder and Facilitator

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