The Rhythm 'n' Rhyme music program encourages children aged 0-4 and their adult(s) to bond over the joy of music.  In class, children will have the opportunity to play with percussion instruments such as shakers, sticks, drums, and explore movements with different beats and rhythms.  We teach storytelling in the form of song or rhyme, as well as parachute play. 

This is a unique opportunity for children and adults to learn communication through the language of music.  As repetition is a key part of learning, each class will follow the same format so children will learn to establish a routine. 

In our 8 weeks together, we will learn approximately 15-20 songs and rhymes. The program runs in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, or through a combination of these languages, and classes are 45 minutes long.  This is a great activity to spend time together with the little one while having fun.

Please note that classes are currently full - for more information please email Eveline at