Kyle Scanlon (September 5, 1971 – July 3, 2012) was a well-loved and respected part of Toronto’s trans communities. He was an activist who sought to change the lives of his community for the better. He broke ground by becoming the first trans man to be executive director of a queer organization, Youthline. He worked for Pink Triangle Press and wrote articles in publications like Xtra and fab magazine. He also worked at The 519 for over a decade and was one of the founding members of Trans Access – one of the first education programs of it is kind, focusing specifically on the needs of trans communities.

Kyle was a founding member of Trans PULSE – a team of researchers who were dedicated to demonstrating that research can be done by and for trans communities in positive ways. He was also a member of the AIDS Bureau, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Gay/Bi/Queer/Trans Men’s Working Group, and was a Co-Investigator on studies focusing on the sexual health needs of trans men. He traveled the world to explore life and was an animal lover who cherished the nature of animals. His cats provided him with much joy.

Kyle was known for his generous and kind nature, and smile. The impacts he made on our community continue today, and we still miss him.

The Kyle Scanlon Memorial Fund will be given out annually and is proud to provide funding to community programs and initiatives that focus on bettering the lives of trans communities.

This fund has been set up by The 519 and his family to commemorate all that he did and everything he stood for.

Kyle with some the trans staff of The 519  [Left to right: Shannon, Yasmeen, Kyle, Alec, Jazzmine and Jake]Kyle with staff from The 519 circa 2010. [Left to right: Shannon, Yasmeen, Kyle, Alec, Jazzmine, and Jake]

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