Brazen 2.0 is a safer sex guide for trans women. The 519 and CATIE have joined forces to provide updated sexual health and safer sex information for trans women and their partners.

Brazen 2.0 covers disclosure, negotiation and consent, sex work, safer sex, transition-related surgeries, and provides up-to-date information on advances in HIV prevention and treatment, the realities of online dating and internet culture, and access to trans-inclusive health care.

The 519 will be providing training to accompany this toolkit soon.


Brazen 2.0: Trans Women's Safer Sex Guide

[illustration] cover of the Brazen Trans Women's Sex Guide depicts the lower half of an individual wearing slim jeans and slip-on shoes, sitting outside on a cement bench, with a pink overlay over the entire image


Embrase-moi 2.0: Guide de sexe plus sécuritaire pour les femmes trans

Image d'une personne partant de la taille vers le bas, assise sur un banc contre un plancher de briques. La personne porte un jeans et des souliers plats de couleur foncée. L'image est feutrée par un ton fluorescent superposé.