If you need personalized help with your settlement and integration in Canada, one-on-one appointments are available to all newcomers. Our settlement coordinators can help connect you to the right information, programs, or services related to:

  • Immigration (Citizenship, Permanent Residency Applications)
  • Refugee Claims
  • Health/Medical Care
  • Language (English Classes, Literacy and Basic Skills)
  • LGBTQ Communities/Services
  • Counselling/Mental Health
  • Education (high school, college, university)
  • Finances (filing taxes, getting a bank account)
  • Housing (finding affordable housing)
  • Employment
  • Volunteering/Community Connections
  • Child Care and Family Services

Settlement Coordinators can also offer assistance with completing/preparing applications, forms, and documents related to immigration/settlement in Canada.

To access any of our newcomer programs you must register to attend our newcomer orientation session.

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