Presented by Pride Toronto in partnership with the University of Toronto’s Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity and The 519, a range of rights issues will be examined and illuminated through moderated panel discussions and a lecture.

Throughout the month of June, these panels will explore human rights issues, struggles, challenges and triumphs. Looking back to the 1981 Bathhouse Raids, one panel will explore how the grassroots response has transformed Canada’s social landscape forever, featuring Margaret Atwood. Another conversation looks back over the 35 years since the Raids and examines women’s activism at the intersections of identity and experience. A panel discussion of discrimination that Black queer and trans communities fight will expand the contemporary conversation about anti-blackness, while a lecture about Egypt’s mounting crackdown on sexuality and gender will highlight the challenges faced by queer activists in the Arab Winter.  Looking ahead, a group of young trans people will talk about their hopes and dreams in a new frontier in human rights activism.

The lecture and four panel discussions are free of charge, open to the public and will be held at The 519.