Emerge runs once every 3rd month on the first Wednesday of the month. The program is designed specifically for LGBTQ Convention Refugees and Permanent Residents residing in Canada for less than 5 years. Emerge offers a fun, supportive, and creative way to explore issues related to settlement in Canada. Each session is delivered by LGBTQ/newcomer peer volunteers and includes a chance to discuss, debate and ask questions on a different featured topic. A light meal is provided during Emerge meetings.

About The 519 Newcomer programs

The 519 has offered this peer support programs for LGBTQ refugees and newcomers since 2005, part of our efforts to ease the transition for individuals who arrive in Canada without a support network or escaping persecution at home as a result of their sexual orientation.

These programs have grown dramatically each year, becoming among The 519’s most successful initiatives and producing our largest source of volunteers. A reflection of the changing demographics of Toronto’s LGBTQ community, this work is part of The 519’s on-going commitment to recognize and address emerging needs.

List of LGBTQ2S-positive services that support newcomers in Toronto

Download PDF – List of LGBTQ2S-positive services that support newcomers in Toronto