The 519 Queer and Trans Family Events are designed for LGBTQ2S+ families and children and are open to all families who are committed to creating safe and affirming spaces for everyone.

2019 Edition 


Saturday, June 8


An annual Pride extravaganza for families including a DJ dance party, water play in the splash pad, a mini-parade around the park, making fabulous attire for all of your pride events and much, much more. Get your glitter out.


Saturday, October 26

Halloween hullabaloo

A celebration of imagination, role-play, creativity and what learning can arrive from stories and ancestors.  Focus is on fun and musical mayhem, and don’t forget to dress for the Annual Costume Parade (or make a costume on the spot).  


Saturday, December 14

Winter Wonderful Celebration

Let’s express the wonder of snowflakes and snow play and share song and seasonal traditions, such as Kwanzaa, Solstice, Hanukkah or Christmas.  And let’s share food and celebration together too.