On June.12, 2016 LGBTQ2S communities around the globe were confronted with the realities of how violence, racism and homo/bi/transphobia remain very real experiences in our lives.  Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida became the target of hate-fueled violence resulting in the deaths of 49 people, many of whom belonging to our latinx community.

We will not forget those who lost their lives in this horrific act of violence.  We will gather to remind ourselves, in solidarity, that ‘Still Estamos Aqui’ – ‘We Are Still Here’. 

The evening’s events are planned to celebrate the invaluable lives of our diverse and beautiful communities, to remember those we have lost along our journey for freedom, and through light - to acknowledge that a brighter future founded on love and respect is not only possible, but a shared commitment we make to one another.

In partnership with local artist janet romero-leiva, this year’s Orlando Memorial will include the unveiling of a new community-informed art piece whose presence at The 519 will serve as an important reminder for us to strive for equity, justice and safety for our diverse LGBTQ2S community members here in Toronto and around the world.

Please join us for our Orlando Memorial, entitled Life – Loss – Light   |   We Remember Orlando on Monday June.12, 2017 in Barbara Hall Park.

*Update: The event will be preceded by a short film screening at 7:30pm – Love the Sinner a film that explores the Evangelical roots of homophobia in the wake of the Pulse shooting. This screening will take place in The 519 Ballroom.


7:30pm Film Screening @ The 519 ballroom

8:00pm Welcome & Activities @ Barbara Hall Park

9:00pm Memorial @ Barbara Hall Park